Dear users and subscribers,

As you might know, we ended the development of Camlist in early October. We have been overwhelmed by the unexpected growth of the app and its community, which have impacted its stability.

We made the choice of a one-time purchase plan, which didn't allow any maintenance over time, and which gradually sank the ship.

The vagaries of life and other legal dispositions also led me on different paths, and I decided to quit this project I have carried out with passion for the last 10 years. It doesn't mean I stop developing tools for the film industry, but this will no longer be part of our company Cinelist.

The app becoming obsolete, we decided to discontinue the sale of licenses as of April 3rd, and to end permanently our activity on July 3rd. I invite you to keep a PDF copy of the projects you would like to save, as we'll unfortunately have to clear all our databases and to turn off our server.

I've been very happy to accompany you these last 3 years, and I'm proud of this incredible adventure which brought together 5,000 technicians of the film industry, who prepared no less than 12,000 shootings at the four corners of the world 🙏

I am sorry for all those who just purchased their license. As sales are handled exclusively by Apple, we do not have access to anything and are unable to offer refunds. But like for any app from the App Store, you can request a refund directly from Apple, within a few days after purchase.

I hope to see you back (very) soon in my new adventures!

In the meantime I wish you all the best, and happy shootings 🎥

Thomas Albert
Founder & Developer