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5,000+ Users

A growing up community of cinematographers and camera assistants

12,000+ Projects

Have already been prepared with Camlist - including 5,000 commercials

50+ Countries

Camlist is distributed worldwide and is available in French and English

Detailed catalog

The largest database of camera equipment.

With more than 1,000 references in store, Camlist is built around the biggest database of film equipment (cameras, lenses, accessories...). Filters will help you to find the right items according to your needs - and technical specifications are available for each one.

This is the best place to look for new equipment and manufacturers - and to stay up to date with the last releases!

Camera list

Create multi-camera lists in a second.

Thanks to the smart features of Camlist, create your multi-camera lists very quickly on your iPhone. Duplicate the accessories from one camera to another one, change your filter sizes in one click...

Set custom dates to your extra equipment - reminders will be created for you!


Work with your team.

Invite your crew to collaborate on your project - so everyone can modify the list according to its needs. By turning on notifications, you will be noticed of changes in live!

And don't panic, every version of your list is kept, so you can compare changes and go back to a previous version at anytime!

PDF Export

Send clean PDF to your production company and rental house.

Generate beautiful PDF from your equipment lists and send them to your rental house and production manager. Translate them into French or English in a second - without changing anything.

Choose the comparative export to highlight changes between two versions. The planning manager will be happy!

Prep Kit

Print your labels and prep documents.

Save your time and export your prep documents (leader frames, scratch sheets...) directly from your list.

You can also print your lens, case and data labels!

Framing Charts Kit

Generate your pixel-precise framing charts.

No more need to take out your magnetic arrows! Save your time and generate your pixel-precise framing charts directly within the app - based on your project settings and your cameras. If you are shooting with ARRI cameras, you can even export your XML frameline files!

Thanks to Technicolor, Netflix and ARRI for helping us developing this module.

News feed

The camera crews newsstand.

All you need to know. In one place.

Because technological watch is part of our daily work, Camlist now centralizes the technical articles from our partners. Be notified of new posts not to miss anything!

You want to share your articles? Contact-us!

Rental houses directory

Browse our rental houses directory.

Wherever you are in the world, you will find your rental houses in our directory. Set your favorite ones to import them quickly into your projects!

Your company does not appear? Contact-us!


They trust us.

I’m a professional DP working in high end TV. I have spent a fortune over the years on expensive “film industry apps” that looked good in the screenshots but turned out to be a quickly slapped together money maker with no thought or follow up support. Camlist is GENUINELY BRILLIANT, very intelligent, and produces beautiful PDFs reports which I’m not embarrassed to show to the production office. This will definitely replace my current system of hacked together spreadsheets and outliner documents. Highly recommended.
Ed Moore - BSC
A great example of an app that gives its user what they want as well as what they need; by being well laid out & clear it not only takes all the information a whole camera dept could ever need when building, maintaining, recalling and editing a kit list, it also serves to gently prompt us should we miss something. In short, a very well thought out, succinct & accomplished app that I'm sure will save us a lot of time for other tasks.
Matt Choules - GBCT
Really love this app and excited to implement it into my workflow! The comparison function between newer vs older orders is brilliant.
Aidan Gray - IATSE
Everyone here in Toronto is really getting excited about it, it will easily become a staple in our tools.
Chris Gruggen
I never would have thought how much fun it could be to compose (and update !) camera order lists. Now with this app it's a dream come true! Lots of clever features and compatibility checks, also already a huge amount of meta data integrated into the equipment items (resolution and technology for monitors, weight and capacity for batteries just to name a few important features) Very responsive developers with smart features in the pipeline! I cannot recommend this enough to anyone dealing with camera equipment professionally!
Jim Cramer
Prise en main rapide et instinctive, cette application facilite la vie des assistants caméra. Je peux à présent faire mes listes où et quand je veux et les partager rapidement. Les modifications des différents collaborateurs sont notifiées clairement, ce qui nous empêche de nous emmêler les pinceaux entre chaque version des listes. Merci aux développeurs pour cette (r)évolution !
Lucien Jacquelin - AOA
Votre appli est parfaite. On l’attendait depuis des années et vous l’avez faite. Bravo ! Je la recommande vivement. Elle vous aide, vous facilite la vie et vous fait gagner énormément de temps. Merci encore !
Jérôme Telò
I use the app almost everyday to collaborate with my focus puller and assistants. Collect all the info at the same time and then send it in. I add all my own gear to the app with price etc. The producers loves it. The app works like a checklist for equipment accessories format etc. etc. scroll thru all lenses to get a idea what you need. The new update works great. Templates make it so easy and quick to make the lists.
Niklas Johansson - FSF
Thank you for an outstanding app. We are getting a lot of lists made from Camlist and what a difference this makes for our quoters!
KUKL Rental
Camera prep is easier than ever!
White Balance Rentals
Loving it so far! I feel much more organized.
Rob Horwitz - 1st AC ICG Local 600
C'est simple, pour moi Camlist est devenu incontournable. Tout d'abord parce que ça fait gagner du temps. Ensuite cela permet une meilleure communication avec les assistants. Et quand on a plusieurs projets en même temps, on ne se mélange plus les pinceaux... Application très intuitive, très simple à utiliser. Bravo aux concepteurs !
Julien Poupard - AFC
The Camlist Team

Who are we?

Born from the desire to make our lives easier at work, Camlist has been designed and developed by Thomas Albert, with the help of Stella Libert, two French camera assistants. It's been a long time since we started this crazy adventure in 2016, and we are very proud of its growing success. To keep us maintaining and improving our app, we have been happy to welcome Dimitri, our new back-end developer, by the beginning of 2022.

Thomas Albert
Founder & CEO
Mobile Developer
UI/UX Designer
Stella Libert
Dimitri Sorel
Back-End Developer
Who are us?

The Camlist Family.

Co-Founder - Development
Co-Founder - Strategy
Our ambassadors
1st AC - Belgium
1st AC - France
1st AC - USA
1st AC - Spain

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